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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Highmeadow Knowltonwood do my dissertationCivic Association would essay writer like to answer your questions. Please feel free to send us your questions to

How do I get involved?

Membership is encouraged as a minimum volunteer effort to support civic association activities, however there are a varieties of ways to contribute to our neighborhood by contacting our officers and volunteers with how you’d like to help with an existing or new effort. Certainly, a great starting point is joining us at the monthly members meetings (place, date, and times are posted regularly here on the website. The website will also announce up-to-date events and opportunities to help out the association, from community events to green space work days.

Are residents required to join?

Membership in the Highmeadow Knowletonwood Civic Association is NOT required of our residents. Residents are kindly asked to support the civic activities and volunteer efforts to make our communities closer, safer, and more beautiful through membership dues and civic participation in various activities.

For what does the membership dues go to pay?

Membership dues assists volunteers with civic efforts such as, but not limited to, community events (Halloween Party, Santa’s Visit, Oktoberfest, Movies in the Park, Christmas Gathering, and so on. It also covers costs of communications efforts like this website, newsletters, and special communications. Further assists with costs associated with the common land such as the park, islands, and areas near the creek. Certainly the majority of the value HKCA provides each year is through our volunteer efforts, the dues assists with upkeep as it, along with fund raisers and advertisements on our website and newsletter, is our only source of funding.

Are all Highmeadow and Knowltonwood residents welcome at HKCA Monthly Meetings?

Of course! HKCA Board Members and active member volunteers love seeing new and old faces at the civic activity meetings. Come on out, and see just how great being civically active can feel!