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President’s Message

Hello!  Hope everyone is enjoying the summer weather that has finally started.  We have one main event planned for Saturday6/23–the mobile escape rooms and Flying Deutschman food truck in the park. Should be a fun afternoon and I hope to see many people there. Bring blankets/chairs and we can have a community picnic atmosphere. Stirling is generously donating some of his proceeds to the association. Please thank him.

Be aware of wildlife in the area.  There are a few fox families that call this area home and they are not very afraid of humans. One was recently about a foot away from my cat and I am not sure what would have happened if I had not shown up. This was in the afternoon.  There have been reports of hawks capturing small dogs as well.  Just be mindful of our four-legged friends and remember the wild animals live here too.

Ticks are already a problem this year. Make sure to check kids well after playing outside!

Enjoy your summer and hope to see you at a meeting in the fall.