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March 5, 2018 John Kelley Residence

Attendance: Rocco Delconte, Dawn Carr, Dee Porri, Robert Cmiel, Justin Beourgouis, John Kelley, Tom Fanrak, Susan Powell, Nick Kight, Gerry Gebhart, Cathleen Albertson-Deutsch, John Hodnicki, Stephanie and Hans Tyhuis, Dave Powell, Chris Garriga, Barbara Kelley.

Secretary Report: Read and Approved
Change format of minutes

Treasury Report: Read and Approved
Self addressed membership envelopes were a huge success.
Excel document for email addresses
Ninety memberships received

Social Media: Justin
Email is not working.
Need to sign up for new domain
Use regular email until completed
Does not affect Google Drive
New website looks good.

Parks and Recreation: Claudia
Cleanup: Mow liriope, cut grasses, pick up branches
No pansies: Budgetary issue
$20 per hour labor

Old Business: Stephanie
Newsletters: Worked really well.

New Business
Easter :Sandy will do the games
Sandy will need help
Cathleen will help out.
Saturday , March 24th 11:00am-12:00pm
Gerry: Firetruck for Easter rides
Alejandro: Easter Bunny
Rain Dates: April 1st.

Arbor Day: Claudia to give walk.
Tree Identification/Spring flowering trees.
Saturday April 28th. 11:00am
Rain Date: April 29th.
Dog friendly
Front page website.
Discussion about newsletter content
Run the same ads.
Mowers in the shed
Fix or sell for parts.
Mowers at Home: Repair.
Wine Night
At Barbara Kelley’s House
Saturday April 7th 7:00pm
Cathleen: Flyers
Half sheet
$10 plus two bottles of the same wine.
Need a couple more volunteers
Welcome table.
Need people to make sure that event runs smoothly.
Attendees need to RSVP
Website/Facebook to RSVP

$50 for Fire Company Ad book: Approved
Modify image for ad.

How do we get more Knowltonwood to participate.
Event over at Knowltonwood to stimulate involvement.

Township Information
Volunteers for branch pick up for low income.
Compiling list of hardship/needs help.

Facebook Remarks: Why doesn’t Middletown have a warming center?
Roosevelt School: Community Center for local events.
Bruce retiring: Interviewing currently.

May 13th: Yard Sale/Bake Sale (Mother’s Day)
Tables in the park.

Chris Garriga: Redistricting
Candidates: Knocking on doors
Democrats: 15 people running
Republicans: 5 people running

Neighbor of the Month: Dee Porri
Getting the newsletter out.

Next Meeting Location:
April : Nick Kight